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Are you a BMW coder but don’t have a brand or website?


When SFBMWcoding first started, we started like most other coders in the community, by posting ads on Craigslist. However, it wasn’t long before competitors and bots flagged our ads and forced us to create an online presence in order to differentiate our brand above the rest. We didn’t want to do it. It was hours of work, and took considerable effort in setting up a website and optimizing it to rank on google. We were constantly thinking, “If only we had someone to help us create our website and help us get to the top of google search results…”


We are pleased to provide partnership opportunities for those who wish to capitalize on an established brand and build upon the experience of SFBMWcoding


For an annual premium, SFBMWcoding will allow you to use the SFBMWcoding brand for your specific location and use, create a domain appropriate to your location, provide basic training for a client coding session, and provide real-time technical support (reasonable business hours) in case of a problem while coding.


1. A location specific website with back-end management tools


1. Website

We will deploy a website using a site identical to ours but optimizing it for your location. Do you code BMWs in Boston? If the domain is available, you will get, with all the content optimized specifically to rank on google in your area for people searching for BMW coding in Boston.

2. Backend Management

In addition to just a front facing website, your website will have a back-end system with everything installed and optimized for search, customization, and management. Its all configured for you.

As a bonus we include a followup/feedback automated system which helps you schedule followup emails to clients in order to complete the full customer service experience (and help with web site reviews).

Yelp getting you down? An easy to use client review management system is also provided which allows previous clients a quick and easy way to leave feedback and kudos for your great service.

3. Email

Look professional with a customized email address with your domain name (

NOTE: The website we set up for you will be hosted by Dreamhost on our hosting plan. You will be provided a CMS login to add/edit content on the site. Your website will run on the WordPress CMS platform.

2. A search engine optimized website for your location


We’ve climbed to the top of google search results for San Francisco because we know search engine optimization. We didn’t pay for ads, and did all of the search engine optimization organically. What good is a website that doesn’t get listed on search results*? Your website will have all the latest articles and updates that we include on our own site and we will help advise on any coding procedures listed on our site that you do not already know (you can optionally hide the specific service provided literature listed on the site till you’re ready).


*Please understand that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) depends on several factors such as competition in the same space and differences in search engine algorithms (google, bing, yahoo, etc). Our websites are already optimized for “BMW coding” search results in X city. Our websites are highly effective in SEO, but due to the dynamic nature of internet search, we cannot guarantee a high page ranking for all situations.

3. Experience you can count on


SFBMWcoding has been coding and training individuals in the best practices of coding BMWs for 3 years. We have coded hundreds of BMWs dated 2004+ with retrofits to VO/FA coding. Along with the SFBMWcoding brand, we will provide our own personal tips and tricks on coding, and offer coding support via text/phone in the event you need some additional support.

Some areas of expertise:

  • Software installation and configuration
  • E series coding, retrofits, and diagnostics
  • F series coding, retrofits, and diagnostics

This sounds great, how do I get started?


Whether you are an experienced coder just needing an online presence to beat the competition, or whether you’re a novice just getting started in the BMW coding scene, we can help! Just fill out the short application below and we’ll get in touch shortly.


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