Jolt from stop to first?

Many E6x and E9x series BMW models that we code tend to have one thing in common. The presence of a jolt or “jump” from the transmission which happens from full stop to first gear. It can also feel like a slight hesitation/lag in acceleration when trying to “baby” the accelerator, then feel like its kicking in after a split second (causing the jolt). This jolt from the transmission tends to become more noticeable as the car ages and seems to increase in the time it takes for the car to enter into first gear the longer the car is owned. BMW even has a technical service bulletin out for the issue.

BMW Jolt

Fortunately, there is a solution, and a relatively easy one at that! We just need to disable Neutral Idle Control in the EGS (transmission) module. For those of you who experience this hesitation from your transmission when going from stop to first gear, this code is a definite must! Just ask us about it.

For more information, we have included the SIB information from BMW below:

This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI B24 03 08 dated July 2008.
designates changes to this revision

E9x, E6x with 6HP19TU – Jolt and Delay when Pulling Away

E90, E92, E93 (335i) with N54 and 6HP19TU from  03/07
E60, E61 (535i) with N54 and 6HP19TU  from 03/07
E60 (528i) with N52K and 6HP19TU from 03/07

The customer may complain of a delayed engagement and a harsh jolt when accelerating from a stop.
The situation occurs only during the engine warm-up phase (cold engine), and cannot be reproduced in the Sport Mode.

EGS software (unfavorable NIC – Neutral Idle Control) calibration

On a customer complaint basis only, check the vehicle’s integration level.
If the integration level is:
On E9x vehicles – E89x-07-06-520 or lower
On E6x N54 vehicles – E060-07-09-530 or lower
On E60 N52K vehicles – E060-08-03-550 or lower
Reprogram and recode the complete vehicle with a current Progman version (target levels are E89x-07-
09-518; E060-08-03-510; and E060-08-09-520, respectively, for E9x, E6x N54 and E6x N52K vehicles).

Important Note:
The NIC (Neutral Idle Control) feature disengages the torque converter from the transmission when the
vehicle is stationary in the Drive position; the service brakes are applied; and the engine is still in the warm-up phase. The NIC function eliminates engine load when vehicle is stopped, reducing fuel consumption. Although the EGS software changes (as listed above) are improving transmission comfort feel while still providing the benefits of the NIC feature, they still may not be acceptable for the most discriminating customers.

In such a case, on a customer complaint basis only, deactivate the NIC function by performing the
“Converter lockup clutch” retrofit, using the current Progman/ISTA P version.

Covered under the terms of the BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
Defect Code: 24 00 33 98 00
Labor Operation: Labor Allowance: Description:
61 00 801  7 FRU Programming coding modules without CAS
61 00 811 8 FRU Programming coding modules including CAS