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San Francisco Bay Area BMW Coding
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 by Shane
2nd review!

July 15, 2018 was the first time Adrian helped me out of a very bad situation with my BMW x5. More than 2 yrs later, he's still connecting and doing stuff for me. Still the same Great guy, offering the same great service! I can't thank him enough!

 by Khalid P
This dude is righteous!!!!!

Adrian was able to code my E90 to accept the installed stage-3 intake manifold, and later he coded out my tire rotation alarm as I had upgraded to TPMS through my head units.

He knows what he is doing. Money well spent.

Thanks again Adrian!!

 by Warren
OEM Bixenon Conversion

Adrian reprogrammed my FRM when converting from halogen headlights to oem bixenon. He spent extra time helping troubleshoot issues with me. It was a great help. Thanks, Adrian!

 by Brandon
Great and easy coding!

Was super easy and the software works as intended. Whole process took less than 30 minutes. Would recommend it again and would take my cars to Adrian in the future for coding needs.

 by Mark
Quick coding, thanks!!

Very impressed and would recommend! Very flexible, prompt, and quick. A++ Thanks!

 by Donald

Adrian was very knowledgeable, and was able to share a lot of info about my car I otherwise would never of known... awesome service.

 by Quinton
Great Job and Trustworthy

Adrian did exactly what I wanted and did not try to push what I was not interested in. I drive a 2011 535 and got a couple of things coded including trunk closed from key fob and interior button, brighter angel eyes, mirrors fold with key fob, map update, adjusted blind spot monitor speed, turn signals activated in heads up display and i'm sure a couple of other things I don't remember off the top of my head. Had a great conversation with him about how I installed my own battery and it seemed to be dying way too soon, he then explained to me the battery needs to be registered for it to charge properly and did it on the spot for me.

To top it off about a month after I saw him I emailed him about a question with a fault I had that had absolutely nothing to do with anything he did. I simply had an out lightbulb and asked him what "cornering light malfunction" meant, he explained all the different light bulbs in the head lights and I was able to pin point it to the bulb that comes on when I use a turn signal or make a turn, the cornering light obviously! I thought I had an electrical issue but with his help diagnosing it and a quick youtube search on how to change that bulb I was able to do it for $6.67. I extremely recommend going to Adrian, he wont just leave you satisfied with your immediate coding, he is helpful for quick questions down the road. 100% satisfied. Price was amazing also.

 by Var
Great Resource

We replaced a bad nav unit on a customer car and it needed to be coded. Adrian made it easy to schedule an appointment and had the new navigation unit working in no time at all. Highly recommended over paying the dealership prices. Great service!

 by B S
Provided help to a fellow coder

Adrian is really the best. I was faced with a ECU coding error while registering a new battery for my E90. Adrian connected to my coding station with TeamViewer and walked me through the entire process and helped me fix the error. He knows his stuff well and will get you what you need coded to your BMW. Thanks, Adrian!!

 by Bob S.

Couldn't have been easier to set up my '17 i3. I showed up at the appointed time, Adrian was ready and explained what he could do in as much or little detail as I wanted., I made my selections, and he made them happen. The whole process took no more than 30mins. Everything works as described. What's not to like!
It's a bit of a hike from Monterey, so I picked up an e-sys enet coding cable. If anything further needs to be done, we can now do it remotely.

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