How to tell if you have a BMW CCC or CIC navigation

Many people are confused as to what kind of navigation unit is in their BMW. This page will help identify whether or not one has a BMW CCC or a BMW CIC navigation unit.

BMW CCC Navigation:

Maps are easily upgradeable by swapping out the Navigation DVD and letting the car power down completely from standby. This unit, however is not powerful enough to enable the DVD in motion option and cannot play back video DVD’s. If you have a menu on iDrive which looks similar, you have the CCC Navigation.


BMW CCC Navigation menu

BMW CIC Navigation:

The BMW CIC unit has more capability and functionality than the CCC version. It allows for the DVD in motion coding feature because of its higher processing power, but is more difficult to update maps. To update maps one needs to obtain an FSC code and update the units Hard drive based storage. We currently only offer FSC codes for the F series chassis only.

BMW CIC Navigation

BMW CIC Navigation