Psdzdata v2.54.2 & v2.54.3 removes descriptors which keeps coders from FDL coding F-series chassis BMWs

**UPDATE 4/16/2015**

SFBMWcoding is pleased to announce that we can code vehicles even if flashed with newer firmware (v55+)!


Since late November 2014, BMW has begun to release software updates for F-series chassis vehicles which are removing the descriptive menus which had previously allowed coders using E-SYS to quickly and easily feature code (or FDL code) options to the vehicle. This recent move by BMW seems to be aimed at blocking end users from customizing their vehicles (and submitting warranty claims for botched coding jobs), and have thus seriously hindered the F-series BMW coding community. Without these descriptors we cannot feature code options such as power mirror folding with key fob, digital speedometer, or remove the legal disclaimer in the I-drive.

What does this mean?

Unfortunately, if the vehicle has one of the affected software updates we will not be able to code many of the commonly desired features (such as mirror fold and windows up with key fob).

How do I know if I have the affected versions of software?

If your vehicle has not gone to the dealership since November and received a software update, we should be able to code features as usual, however if the vehicle had received an update around late November, we will need to connect to verify if the affected software updates have indeed been installed.

Okay, I don’t think I have the affected software installed…

If you have not brought your vehicle in for service since November and desire your vehicle to be coded in the future, let your BMW service advisor know that you do NOT want your vehicle software updated at the next service appointment…at least until a fix/workaround has been discovered.

Is this the end of coding our F-series BMW’s?

As of now, its still too early to know for sure where BMW is headed with their recent change in software updates (although the signs don’t bode well). We hope this just may be a temporary change designed to let coders know that we must respect the unspoken rules of tinkering around with software we aren’t even supposed to have (which they have kindly turned a blind eye towards), and we hope this change is not continued in the future.

For the current discussion on this topic: and


How to check the current I-level installed in the F-series vehicle with E-SYS:

If you have E-sys and an appropriate esys cable, you can check to see if the vehicle you are connected to has the ISTA/P v2.54.2, v2.54.3, or 2.55 version of software.

Check the level of firmware installed in the F-series chassis BMW.

Check the level of firmware installed in the F-series chassis BMW.

Referencing the table above, connect to the vehicle with E-Sys and:

  1. Click the Expert Tab on the far left menu bar
  2. Select the VCM Module tab
  3. Locate the VCM ‘Master’ tab
  4. Locate the I­-Steps section
  5. Click on Read.


This will then show you the current I-level on the vehicle. If the I-level matches the ISTA/P Version for Px.54.2 under your specific chassis, you have the affected firmware.