Replacing a BMW Battery?

Does your BMW (2004+ E9x, E6x E-series, or F-series Chassis) need a battery replacement? If so, you’ll need to know that BMW’s don’t just allow for swapping out the battery with a like model and just plugging it in, you’ll also need to register the battery or you’ll find the battery may be dead within 6 months! This is because the vehicle stores the battery health information such as age, voltage, charge cycles, etc., within the CAS computer. We do E-series battery registrations for $40, and F-series registrations for $50.


BMW Battery replacement


In order to successfully replace your BMW E-series battery, you’ll need to purchase a comparable spec battery to the one already in your vehicle, install, and register, the battery in the BMW CAS. BMW battery registration is a quick procedure typically taking 5-10 minutes or less. If however, you use a different spec battery than the one that was originally installed in the car, there will need to be additional coding done in order to specify the battery type and capacity for it to be charged correctly. This is especially true for AGM type batteries (vs the typical wet cell style, sealed lead acid batteries).

If you want to replace your own BMW battery, remember to have it registered shortly after installation or you may run into problems down the road. We have provided a reference list of coding values below for BMW e9x and e6x models using ncsexpert in case you decide to upgrade/downgrade your battery and want to code the changes yourself. For the F series chassiss, you’ll need ISTA/D or Rheingold to run the procedure.

VO CODE     //      TYPE       // CAPACITY
VO B046  // BATT_46AH //46 Ah-Batterie
VO B055 // BATT_55AH //55 Ah-Batterie
VO B070 // BATT_70AH //70 Ah-Batterie
VO B080 // BATT_80AH //80 Ah-Batterie
VO B090 // BATT_90AH //90 Ah-Batterie
VO A070 // BATT_AGM_70AH //70 Ah-AGM Batterie
VO A080 // BATT_AGM_80AH //80 Ah-AGM Batterie
VO A090 // BATT_AGM_90AH //90 Ah-AGM Batterie

VO CODE     //      TYPE       // CAPACITY
VO B080 // BATTERIE_80AH //80 Ah-Batterie
VO B090 // BATTERIE_90AH //90 Ah-Batterie
VO B110 // BATTERIE_110AH //110 Ah-Batterie
VO A090 // BATT_AGM_90AH //90 Ah-AGM Batterie
VO A080 // BATT_AGM_80AH //80 Ah-AGM Batterie

Use ISTA/D or Rheingold to run the battery registration process as shown below:

  1. Start Rheingold
  2. Operations Tab
  3. Vehicle ID
  4. Select Vehicle Management and then Service Function right below it.
  5. Select Body
  6. Scroll to the bottom and select voltage supply
  7. Select battery
  8. Select register battery change
  9. Select search at bottom right
  10. ABL register battery