Update BMW One Stop USB or K+Dcan INPA cable with enhanced firmware

Many stock USB INPA cables sold on the internet intended for flashing and coding BMW E series vehicles suffer from a firmware bug which results in slow communication and corruption while flashing certain BMW ECUs. This makes using a cable loaded with unknown firmware risky and dangerous. For those who offer their own BMW diagnostic cables for sale on the internet, and for enthusiasts who want to update their own cables, we offer a documented and easy to follow procedure to flash and update Atmega162 based cables using less than $10 in parts and easy to use software.



Why would you want to update a USB BMW K+Dcan cables firmware?

After the firmware upgrade, the enhanced cable will be able to flash the following ECUs without “bricking” or corruption:

  • M3/M5/M6 DME (MSS6X) – Safely upgrade to 240e
  • E6x M5/M6 SMG (GDSMG3) – Safely flash the Euro SMG software
  • E9x GM Auto (GM1912)

Additional benefits of the enhanced firmware flash are as follows:

  • Faster flashing and coding times.
  • Correct display of the ignition status (but only available in K-line mode).
  • Allows for subsequent firmware updates over USB instead of having to open up the device.

Are you a seller of BMW INPA USB D+CAN K+CAN Diagnostic cables and want better performance and reliability from your cables?

Do you want to be able to safely flash an MSS60, E60 M5/M6 SMG transmission with your cable?

Do you have a One Stop Electronics USB cable that you would like to upgrade?



Flash enhanced firmware to your BMW E-series USB OBD K+Dcan Cable yourself and safely flash your BMW!

Purchase our detailed and step by step documentation on how to flash and update Atmega162 based BMW USB K+Dcan diagnostic cables. Inquire here.