Alpina B3 transmission flash for BMW 3 series vehicles

Bored of how your BMW E9x 3 series vehicle shifts? Want quicker up-shifts, better rev-matching, and better fuel economy out of the D drive mode? Look no further than the Alpina B3 transmission software flash.




What is the Alpina B3 transmission flash?

It turns out that the modified Alpina B3 transmission software is actually compatible with 3 series E9x bmw transmissions. Because of this, we can use the transmission software originally designed for the Alpina B3 on compatible US vehicles.

Whats so great about the Alpina B3 transmission tune?

In D mode, the Alpina B3 software is much smoother yet slightly more sedate – the Alpina B3 transmission mapping shifts to the next gear slightly quicker than the stock mapping. Its fantastic for fuel economy – some people call it more sedate. But in Sport mode, the transmission comes alive with unbelievable downshift rev-matching, smoother and more precise shifts, and an increased rev-limiter.




What other differences will I notice after getting the Alpina B3 flash?

Along with the better shifting characteristics, the cluster will show a new indicator for gear selection in D mode which displays D1, D2, D3 ,D4, D5 and in DS mode, you will see S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 (M mode has this as well). With the Alpina B3 flash, you will feel like the car is trying to get to higher gears quicker in order to stay in lower RPMs, and thus increase fuel economy and relaxed driving. This is only when the gear shift is in D. If you want more aggressive driving performance, just slap the gear selector to the sport shift mode and you’ll instantly notice the Alpina B3 flash turn the sleepy fuel conscious mode into an aggressive shifting beast for that spirited driving you crave.

Have a transmission that seems to jolt and feel a little rougher than you would like?

If you’ve done everything you can to get rid of the jolt from your transmission, the Alpina may be an answer to the slightly more abrupt shifting in the stock transmission software. There are several software factors which influence harsh shifting, Neutral idle control, adaptations, and the shift mapping of the software itself. We have found that disabling NIC fixes the “jolty” transmission 70-80% of the time, updating/changing transmission software about 10-20%, and replacing the mechatronic solenoids the remaining 10%.

Sounds great, is my vehicle compatible?

The Alpina B3 transmission flash is compatible with E9x vehicles with build date of  3/07+. This software works for both N54 and 2011+ N55 E series automatic transmission and engine combinations. Earlier builds do not have compatible transmission mechatronics units.