Best BMW I3 coding options

BMW recently released its new electric hybrid vehicle, the I3. One test drive of this state of the art vehicle leads one to ponder about its very interesting aesthetic design (can you say Eucalyptus wood?), as well as wonder about the influencing factors guiding the final decisions of its technological specifications (1.9 gallons…wha!?). “Why” is a word frequently spoken when regarding certain features built into the BMW I3. In this article, we aim to discuss what we believe are the best features to code on this specific vehicle, and why doing so will make life just a little bit better for current I3 owners in the San Francisco Bay Area.

coding your i3

1. Enabling full capacity usage of the fuel tank


Enable full fuel tank capacity for the BMW I3


In a move designed to appease EPA and other various government regulations regarding low MPG vehicles, BMW decided to limit the amount of fuel the I3 can use in the USA. While all part numbers for the BMW I3 fuel tank are the same internationally (which specify 2.4 gallons), the BMW I3s in the USA have to settle for only being able to use 1.9 gallons. Essentially, the tank allows for 2.4 gallons, yet the usage capacity is being limited and controlled by the intelligent I3 software. If you happen to own or lease an I3 which currently only allows you to fill and use 1.9 gallons of fuel, SFBMWcoding can remove the limitation and allow for the full use of 2.4 gallons and thus extend the range of your I3 (If you’re leasing, don’t worry as we can always reverse coding on your BMW I3 before returning the vehicle). Further range between charges for my BMW I3? I don’t have to fret about not finding a close public charging station!? SFBMWcoding can reverse the coding changes before I end my lease!? Sign. me. up.


2. Allow use of the REx anytime below 75%


Allow the use of REX anytime under 75%


Otherwise known as “Hold Mode,” the Range Extender function of the BMW I3 keeps batteries charged and energy stored at a certain level. This keeps the vehicle running without needing to immediately charge the vehicle before continuing the trip. The range extender typically begins its work when the energy level of the battery reaches ~6% and maintains this charge until the fuel runs out. If you’re like most of our clients, we feel you should be able to choose when to turn on the REx to reduce the psychological impact of running on only ~6% battery capacity. BMW’s were meant to be driven, so why just store up ~6% when you may need more for a mad burst of spirited driving (or just driving around the hills in SF)? At San Francisco Bay Area BMW coding, we can allow the Range Extender feature to be turned on manually anytime the battery is below 75% and above ~6% (because it automatically comes on at ~6%). This not only provides increased flexibility in the way one can drive their eco-friendly I3, but also helps reduce the psychological dissonance the driver may feel towards the vehicle since the state of charge level can now be manually controlled.


3. Temperature & Tire pressure in Idrive

Although the I3 uses electricity, the old principles of keeping tire pressure at an optimal level for the lowest MPG still applies. With properly inflated tires, the BMW i3’s rolling resistance will be reduced and add to your EMPG. If you don’t believe that tires make that much difference, just look at the tire width on the I3 vs the tire width on a normal BMW! Skinny = less weight and less rolling resistance. Although the display shows you the psi already, its important to know the temperature of the tire as well since psi is directly related to the tire temperature. Higher temperature equals higher psi, so you will want to know that your tires are all evenly filled to their proper psi when they are the same temperature.

BMW code your trunk

4. Video in Motion

The BMW I3 has a beautiful iDrive screen that in our opinion just looks better than any other iDrive out there. Why not enable video to play while in motion and impress your passengers (while they aren’t checking out that porous Eucalyptus wood dash or the Carbon Reinforced Plastic body), or entertain your children on those “incredibly long” drives.

BMW Video in motion


5. Default driving mode at startup

The BMW I3 allows you to change the default driving mode upon startup. Want the I01 to start in Eco Pro or Eco Pro+ without needing to hit a button? Now you can.


6. Traffic Jam Assistant

For properly equipped BMW i3 vehicles which come with Active Cruise Control with Stop and Go (option 5AT), you can install a hardware emulator to enable Traffic Jam Assistant! For more information click here.


Thanks BMW!

The options above are features that we would have expected BMW to allow their clients to use straight from the factory, however being that BMW needs to think about all sorts of business strategies, it’s understandable why they left out so many neat options. We don’t fault BMW, in fact we applaud them for giving us a means to configure the options at all! We feel the options above represent some of the best features one could enable on their new BMW I3 vehicle, and we believe you’ll feel the same way too. If you have any further questions about coding your BMW I3, please don’t hesitate to contact us!



Bonus: Test your Range Extender to make sure its working!


BMW Coding I3


Exhaust-gas test mode

If you want to start the combustion engine for an exhaust-gas test in the BMW I01 with range extender, you may do so if the following operating conditions are met:

  1. Tailgate is open
  2. Switch on ignition and engage drive position “P” (without braking)
  3. Press and hold down the accelerator pedal within 60 seconds
  4. Press the brake three times within 20 seconds and hold
  5. Release the accelerator pedal and press the START-STOP button when the brake is actuated
  6. The combustion engine starts if the SOC of the high-voltage battery is less than 75 %.

A Check Control message, “Exhaust-gas test mode activated” is given when the combustion engine is running. The empty run point is automatically approached during the warm-up phase. Using the pedal sensor position, two speed points of the combustion engine are selected for the measurement.

The “Exhaust-gas test” mode is automatically ended if these following conditions are met:

  • After 20 minutes of running
  • If the vehicle is started
  • Switching off the ignition.