Traffic Jam Assistant for I3 – Quidzel TJA

Are you interested in enabling the Traffic Jam Assistant for your properly equipped BMW i3? Look no further than SFBMWcoding as we are recommended by Quidzel to meet your TJA HOD emulator coding needs.

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What is the Quidzel TJA HOD?

The Quidzel TJA HOD emulator works by simply plugging the module into the connector located in an empty space behind your steering wheel button bezel. Once the installation is done, your vehicle will need to be properly coded to recognize the module. Additional tweaks such as increasing the speed limit and the ability to use the feature on all roads instead of highways can also be customized.


How do I enable it?

In order for you to enable Traffic Jam Assistant on your BMW i3, your vehicle will need to come equipped with the Active Cruise with Stop and Go option (option code 5AT). If it does, install the module and let SFBMWcoding configure your BMW i3 to recognize and enable the Traffic Jam Assistant feature.


Can I purchase the module from you?

Be aware that we do not sell or install the hardware module, and the module must be installed prior to us coding the vehicle (so we can verify the functionality). For any further questions about the hardware module, please visit

Please note that “you must remain attentive and in control of the car by holding the steering wheel at all times. You are responsible to monitor and correct your car’s driving – you will find that TJA is not autonomous driving and its technical ability is limited. When conditions are inappropriate, a chime and flashing indicator will notify you that steering assistance has ended.” – Quidzel


Coding the Traffic Jam Assistant module

SFBMWcoding offers TJA coding as a package bundle. We not only code the Quidzel traffic jam assistant, but we also code the usage of the TJA retrofit on all roads (instead of just expressways) and will also tweak the maximum speed you can enable the TJA feature (up to 70MPH or 99kmh). We do not advise using the traffic jam assistant on roads which have lane markers which are hard to see, on roads which have numerous and aggressive vertical and horizontal variations, and at speeds greater than 45 mph. Be aware that the Traffic Jam Assistant feature is a rudimentary form of “autopilot” which only uses the front camera as a sensor so it’s ability is limited. Coding the traffic jam assistant is straightforward and provided one has a healthy expectation in regards to its functionality, is a very useful feature to have.