BMW Performance Power Kit (PPK) for N54 Engines

SFBMWcoding is now proud to offer the BMW Performance Power Kit (PPK) software upgrade for N54 engines!

Looking for the Performance Power Kit for N55 Engines?

If you’re in love with your current BMW but just want a little more “kick in the pants,” look to the BMW N54 PPK (N54 Performance Power Kit)! This BMW factory aftermarket software upgrade maintains the emissions ratings and fuel consumption of the stock factory software, while increasing the N54 output performance. As the software is provided by BMW, upgrading your vehicle with the BMW PPK won’t void your warranty or cause any issues when bringing your car to the dealership for service (or smog!).




What is the BMW N54 Performance Power Kit?

Falling under the moniker of the BMW ‘Performance Power Kit’ range, the software upgrade for the venerable BMW 3.0L N54 adds an additional 20 hp (15kW) and 37 lb-ft (50Nm) of torque. In reference, the stock N54 engine without PPK installed, delivers 306hp (225kW) and 295lb-ft (400Nm) of torque.

Benefits include:

  • Increased torque of 317 ft-lbs (manual trans) or 332 ft-lbs (auto trans), available from just 1,500 rpm
  • Increased maximum output* of 320 horespower (see graph image)
  • Faster acceleration from 0 to 75 mph
  • No increased emissions or gas consumption from factory specifications


N54 BMW Performance Power Kit PPK


Are you experiencing turbo lag?

If you are experiencing turbo lag with your 135 (E82/88) and don’t want to pay for the cost and hassle of a Cobb or JB4, the N54 PPK software upgrade will fix that. Most users report that the N54 PPK is what the vehicle should have been, straight from the factory.


I thought the N54 PPK included additional cooling hardware?

A dealership installed N54 Performance Power Kit typically includes a new electric fan, radiator hoses, and secondary radiator. While these additional pieces of hardware may be desirable for warmer climates and track-like running conditions, they are not immediately necessary. In fact, most individuals who purchase and run more aggressive tunes on their Cobb or JB4 aftermarket ECU flashes don’t run these additional cooling peripherals and suffer no ill effects. We only offer the software upgrade and do not include any hardware or hardware installation.


Sounds great! Will it work on my BMW?

SFBMWcoding offers the BMW Performance Power Kit for N54 equipped vehicles produced from 03/2008 till 03/2010 (anything prior requires new fuel injectors and a DME – which we do not offer). Compatible BMW models are the BMW 135 (E82/88), and BMW 335i (E90/E92/E93).

If requesting a quote from us, please include your model, and full VIN#.


n54 ppk performance power kit tune


Do I need to drop off my BMW?

If you can spare an hour, you wont need to. It just takes 45 minutes to upgrade the stock software on your BMW to the N54 PPK software.


Anything else I need to do to prepare for the N54 power kit software upgrade?

We ask that your vehicle does not exhibit any vehicle fault codes at wide open throttle. Prior to your appointment, please do three runs at WOT cycling through each gear to test if there are any issues (a common fault is 30FF). We strongly recommend repairing any issues which cause fault codes or limp mode at WOT before installing the software upgrade.


What if I don’t like the new changes with the new N54 PPK upgrade?

In the very slim chance that you do not like the upgraded increased horsepower and torque from the N54 PPK tune, we make a backup of your stock ECU and can easily revert back to it in case you are not satisfied.


I want this, but I don’t live in the San Francisco bay area, do you provide this service remotely?

Unfortunately, we do not provide remote services for performing the N54 PPK tune to customers who do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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