Video on your iDrive?

BMW’s equipped with CIC based iDrive systems have a feature integrated yet not enabled by default called Video in motion. This self explanatory term is just what it sounds like, it allows one to play DVD’s (as well as USB video for CIC_NBT) while the vehicle is in motion. By default, this feature is disabled if the parking brake is not engaged and/or the car is going over a certain maximum speed.

BMW Video in motion

Now who wouldn’t want to use their iDrive to entertain passengers or rowdy kids during road trips? We know we would! Unfortunately, the avenues available to unlock this ability are limited as one either has to buy an expensive unlock disc or pay a BMW coder to do it for you. These options are discussed below:


Method 1: CIC DVD unlock disc

While easy to use and efficient at what they are meant to do, iDrive video in motion unlock discs will set an individual back $150+ for use with only one vehicle and for use with unlocking only the video in motion feature. One just needs to insert the disc, then eject it when the update is finished. At SF BMW coding we feel that while this price may be justified for some if they can’t find a coder nearby, for the rest of the population there is still the better option of coding it with an experienced BMW coder.


Method 2: Coding Video in Motion

Coding the option to enable the DVD/USB video while driving only involves adjusting three simple values, removing the requirement for the handbrake to be engaged, and to raise the speed at which the video lockscreen is enabled. Doing this takes about 5 minutes and allows the coder to enable other desired features on ones BMW during the session.

BMW Coder Video in motion

Since San Francisco BMW coding only charges $25 to enable Video in motion on CIC based iDrive units (with one additional code), we feel this is the best and most cost effective option available. If we haven’t made ourselves clear, we recommend everyone to save some money and get a BMW coder to code the video in motion feature and get other options coded at the same time. One will end up spending less than the price for one video in motion unlock disc, as well as enabling many more practical and functional features on their BMW.